Bar Menu

"Kegs N Eggs"        9am - 11am   BAR ONLY

Half Priced Craft Beers!!!

2 Eggs with 2 Strips of Bacon
Egg Muffin - Fried Egg, Sausage, Cheddar Cheese on English Muffin
Breakfast Burrito
Huevos Rancheros

"Happy Hours"        4pm - 10pm

Available in the BAR AREA ONLY

Shrimp/Bacon Quesadilla  $11.95
Golden Ale Cheese Dip        $9.95
Smoked Mahi Spread           $8.95
Kelly's Wings                      $8.95
Havana Shrimp                    $8.95
Conch Fritters                      $8.95
Black & Blue Ahi                $10.95
Mojo Pork Tostadas             $10.95
Shrimp & Crab Bread             $9.95
Southern Clipper "Pizza"       $9.95
Black Bean Hummus            $9.95

During the day - 11am to 4pm, bar patrons CAN order off the regular "Brunch" Menu as well!
If you do go to the bar area, please go to the bartender to place your order(s)....there is NO table service in the bar area.

In the evening - 4pm - 7pm - HAPPY HOURS takes place in the bar area; and, most of the time the area is busy with Happy Hour(s); therefore, patrons would be better served for DINNER in one of our dining areas.  Enjoy Happy Hour(s) and then see us at the hostess stand or let one of the bartenders know you would like to sit for dinner!

In the evening - bar patrons CAN order off the regular "Dinner" Menu as well.